RJB Firm Award Announcement Distinguishe Service Award

Our firm is proud to announce that our partner, Robert J. Brass, Esq., was awarded the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award for Excellence in Continuing Legal Education, at a reception at the New Jersey State Bar Association Law Center, in New Brunswick, on Monday evening, September 12, 2022. The award is

Domestic Violence: Different Types of Restraining Orders in…

If abuse is involved in a relationship, it is definitely an important part of the criminal charges that may result. The attorneys at Maitlin Maitlin Goodgold Brass & Bennett can help you to understand how the abuse might play into your case. In many cases, abuse will result in filing a restraining order. There

Divorce and Technology

We rely on technology for just about everything. We need our tech for work, school, socializing, shopping, and pretty much anything you can think of. In fact, today, you can handle all of your day-to-day living activities from home if you want to. Despite all of the benefits, there is a downside to tech.

Chapter 13 Eligibility in New Jersey

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available for those who have exhausted all other options available and meet the requirements with an understanding of the repayment. If you are a New Jersey resident and you are having issues with your finances, filing Chapter 13 for bankruptcy may be an option you need to explore. With the

How Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Uses Reorganization to Help…

Businesses that reach a point of filing for bankruptcy can testify about the challenging circumstances that precede such a difficult decision. The federal bankruptcy code sets out the stipulations for bankruptcy filing for individuals struggling with debt. Similarly, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Millburn NJ, also sets out procedures for struggling businesses, offering such businesses a


Managing Member, Jonathan S. Goodgold, Esq. will be presenting as part of the National Business Institute’s April 8, 2022 webinar entitled Collection Law From Start to Finish—New Jersey Guide. Jonathan will be speaking on pre-suit collection strategies, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and on collection litigation. Jonathan is a repeat speaker for